Making art is like opening a portal and letting pure creation manifest. I am intentional about centering Black people and women in my pieces as a way to celebrate our culture and beauty with nuance. I want to show Black subjects as inherently valuable and worthy of being admired, which is often why my work incorporates crowns and gold elements. My art is as much about the process as it is the physical piece, as creating art opens the space for me to explore myself. I create self portraits as a way to honor my feelings and memorialize that specific time in my life. I'm inspired by the beauty and personal expression of Black people. My references are often individuals from my own life or intriguing images of Black subjects that inspire me in some way. My intention is to give the subject honor, express emotion, and showcase their humanity. In addition to painting, I create collage style digital artwork, incorporating photography, color, glitter, and lots of layers.  

Leslie Anne is a self-taught contemporary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia by way of East St. Louis, Illinois. Leslie describe's her work as emotionally expressive, colorful, conceptual, and Afrofuturistic. Her art is inspired by prominent themes in her own life, like motherhood, race, relationships, gender, and personal expression. She uses bold contrasting elements to create interesting mixed media works; usually featuring bold colors, glitter, and visions of the sky like clouds and stars. By looking at the art, her hope is that you will find a sense of interconnectedness with all. And ultimately explore more of yourself. 

Leslie's preferred mediums are painting with acrylic and oil paint, digital collage, illustration, and photography. She specializes in contemporary portraiture. Additional themes include spirituality, symbols, and nature. Leslie's work has been featured in exhibitions and publications around the world. 

Please email artistleslieanne@gmail.com for all business inquiries. 

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solo exhibitions

 Art Mums United / The Sun Still Shining on Me / July 19- Aug 2, 2022

Studio Leslie Anne / Visions of the Starseeds / 2021 


Atlantucky/ Brightring Foundation/ It's Bigger than Hip-Hop / Georgia / 2022


MINT / 15th Annual Postcard Pin-up / Georgia /  2022

URBANSIDE Gallery / Artbox. Project World 2.0 / Zurich / 2022


Project Gallery V / If Fluid was a Song /  2021

Artistic Remedies for Creative Hearts (ARCH) / The Pink Exhibit / Virginia/  2021


Fragmented Collective / World Collage Day / 2021

Shenandoah Valley Art Center / 40 Under 40 2021 /  Virginia/ 2021


Contemporary Art Gallery Online / Black History Exhibition / 2021

Franklin Arts Center Resident Art Gallery / Minnesota / 2015

Manifest Justice / California / 2015

Harambee Ujima Black Arts Festival /Pennsylvania / 2015

Open Grounds/ Virginia/ 2015

Open Grounds/ R(Evolution)/ Virginia/ 2015


Vanity Fair / The Dynasty Issue / May 2022

Vanity Fair / Style Issue / April 2022

Vanity Fair / 28th Annual Hollywood Issue / March 2022

Fragmented Collective / FUTURE / 2022

All She Makes / Issue 3 / 2021

ROADFEMME / 003: Stay True / 2015


The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "Black Heart Emoji" Artwork / 2022


The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "Kiss or Go Crazy" Artwork / 2022


The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "Anymore" Artwork / 2021


Bose / "Rule the Quiet" Campaign / 2021



Voyage ATL / Rising Stars Interview / 2021