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multidisciplinary artist

Artist Statement:

At the core of my creative practice lies a deeply personal journey of self-discovery, punctuated by vibrant self-portraits that serve as poignant testimonials of my emotions, experiences, and personal growth. Through my art, I endeavor to weave a tapestry of collective connection, inviting viewers to partake in my narrative, find solace in shared experiences, and delve into the intricacies of their own individual journeys. Evoking a sense of introspection, my work transcends mere visual representation, delving into the realm of the metaphysical, with celestial motifs of stars, clouds, and the expansive skies, serving as symbolic vehicles to explore the vast spectrum of human emotions, vulnerability, and our shared humanity.

I use my artistic talent to celebrate and uplift the cultural richness and beauty of Black people and women. With unwavering intentionality, my artistic endeavors center a profound exploration of self and a desire to reclaim the narratives that have been historically overlooked. As a Black woman artist, I seek to challenge the prevailing underrepresentation of Black women in the artistic landscape, assuming the responsibility of presenting my truth with an unapologetic authenticity. Forever experimenting and expanding. Peace.


Artist Biography:

Leslie Anne is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist based in Atlanta, Georgia by way of East St. Louis, Illinois. Her artistic catalog spans multiple mediums, as she fearlessly embraces experimentation and expansion. Leslie’s style of painting with acrylic and oil paints showcases a rich interplay of vivid colors, exuding vibrancy and vitality. Simultaneously, her illustrations and collage-style digital artworks capture the ephemeral essence of contemporary existence, contrasting images and textures with an innovative surrealistic flair.

Her compositions exhibit a bold juxtaposition of elements, skillfully combining traditional and contemporary techniques to create visually captivating and intellectually stimulating pieces. She fearlessly employs contrasting tones, textures, and materials, injecting her artwork with an Afrofuturistic sensibility. Her artistry serves as a testament to the profound impact that art can have on shaping narratives, challenging societal norms, and elevating the voices that have long been relegated to the periphery.

Leslie seeks to transcend artistic boundaries, interweaving personal narratives with universal truths. Through her dedication to her craft, she offers a powerful testament to the enduring strength of Black women, whose contributions to the art world have too often been marginalized. With her cosmic, colorful, and emotionally expressive creations, she invites us all to explore the depths of our own humanity and discover the interconnectedness that binds us as a global community.

Please email for all business inquiries.

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solo exhibitions

 Art Mums United / The Sun Still Shining on Me / 2022

Studio Leslie Anne / Visions of the Starseeds / 2021 


Fulton Co. Arts & Culture at Emma Darnell Aviation Museum and Conference Center/ EmpowerHER: A Celebration of Women in Art / Georgia / March 2024


Koncept House / 1000 Words / Georgia / Feb - May 2024

Artist Forum at Echo Contemporary / Give Me My Space / Georgia / Feb - March 2024

City of Ink / God's Muse / Georgia / Jan - Feb 2024

Swan Coach House Gallery / Little Things / Georgia / November 2023


Hapeville Depot Museum / Arrivals/ Georgia / September 2023


Koncept House / I Can Do That / Georgia / April 2023

MINT / Midnight Exhibition / Georgia / April 2023

South River Art Studios / Snakes and Things That Look Like Snakes / Georgia / March 2023

Atlantucky/ Brightring Foundation/ Black and Proud / Georgia / Feb 2023

Underground Atlanta/ The Arts Atlanta / Black Love / Georgia/  Feb 2023

Atlantucky/ Brightring Foundation/ It's Bigger than Hip-Hop / Georgia / 2022


MINT / 15th Annual Postcard Pin-up / Georgia /  2022

URBANSIDE Gallery / Artbox. Project World 2.0 / Zurich / 2022


Project Gallery V / If Fluid was a Song /  2021

Artistic Remedies for Creative Hearts (ARCH) / The Pink Exhibit / Virginia/  2021


Fragmented Collective / World Collage Day / 2021

Shenandoah Valley Art Center / 40 Under 40 2021 /  Virginia/ 2021


Contemporary Art Gallery Online / Black History Exhibition / 2021

Franklin Arts Center Resident Art Gallery / Minnesota / 2015

Manifest Justice / California / 2015

Harambee Ujima Black Arts Festival /Pennsylvania / 2015

Open Grounds/ Virginia/ 2015

Open Grounds/ R(Evolution)/ Virginia/ 2015


Spoken Black Girl / Issue 4: Freedom/ 2023

Vanity Fair / The Dynasty Issue / May 2022

Vanity Fair / Style Issue / April 2022

Vanity Fair / 28th Annual Hollywood Issue / March 2022

Fragmented Collective / FUTURE / 2022

All She Makes / Issue 3 / 2021

ROADFEMME / 003: Stay True / 2015

more cool things

The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "A Fish Without A Bicycle" Album Artwork / 2023

The WRLDFMS Tony Williams + BJ the Chicago Kid / "Slide By" Artwork/ 2023

The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "UBUBU" Artwork / 2023

The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "Black Heart Emoji" Artwork / 2022


The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "Kiss or Go Crazy" Artwork / 2022


The WRLDFMS Tony Williams / "Anymore" Artwork / 2021


Bose / "Rule the Quiet" Campaign / 2021



Bold Journey / Meet Leslie Anne / 2023

Shoutout Atlanta / Meet Leslie Anne / 2023

Art Mamas Prodcast / Claiming Your Unique Space / 2022 

Canvas Rebel / Meet Leslie Anne / 2022

Voyage ATL / Rising Stars Interview / 2021

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