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leslie anne

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a solo exhibition by Leslie Anne


This body of work is a deep dive into my internal process of self-rediscovery. There are themes of personal power, self-love, sexuality, faith in oneself, and faith in a benevolent higher power. Glitter and gold are prominent elements of the art. Not only am I attracted to the look of gold and the way that it reflects light, but it gives a sense of importance and opulence that I really enjoy, especially with reference to Black hair. I initially intended for this show to center the story of my recent divorce, but I realized that would be focusing on the wrong thing. The real story is of resilience and faith. It’s also a love story to myself. 


I titled the show “The Sun Still Shining on Me” because despite the challenges I’ve faced…I’m still here. Still creating. Still loving. Still optimistic about life. And every day when I wake up and see the sun, I get another chance to create the life I’ve dreamed of. The 17 pieces that were chosen for this exhibition are meant to convey different parts of my journey.


Much love,

Leslie Anne

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